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Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies and its affiliates distribute a wide range of top quality powered muscle stimulators plus top quality interferential, high volt galvanic, TENS units, back braces and traction devices for physical rehabilitation and pain management. Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies also distributes unique electro-mesh garment electrodes for use with certain electrical stimulators
Drug Free
Pain Control
  • Increases Circulation
  • Relaxes Muscle Spasms
  • Maintains or Increases ROM
  • Prevents or Retards Disuse Atrophy
  • Prevents Venous Thrombosis Post Op
  • Re-educates Muscles (All Groups)
I feel that this machine has helped me so much that I would and do recommend it to anyone who has back pain. – RS
Office: 800-210-8880

email: customerservice@artrehab.com